Band Council

Wilbert Marshall

Band Councillors 
James Marshall
Maynard Marshall
Quentin Doucette
Anita Basque
Sandra Basque-Johnson
Jocelyn Marshall
Blayne Murray

- Chief and Council are elected by the band members on a bi yearly basis
- Chief and Council have the final say on Band matters
- Chief and Council regulates Band policies

Band Administrator
- Supervises staff
- Is directly responsible to the Chief for proper functioning of the Band and it's employees
- Ensures programs and reports are completed monthly.
- Is responsible for implementation of all Band policies

- Acts as a receptionist at the Band Office
- Performs secretarial duties

- Works under Band Administrator
- Responsible for all accounting functions, for all programs.
- Administers office staff as per the direction of Chief and Council in the absence of the Band Administrator

Indian Registry Administrator
- Registering births, deaths and marriages as well as divorces.
- Keeping track of on-reserve and 0ff-reserve members (population statistics)
- Maintaining an up-to-date Band List for election and plebiscite purposes
- Issuing Certificates of Indian Status Identification cards.
- Sending monthly reports to the Dept. of Indian Affairs.