Apaqtukewaq Fisheries Co-op was formed in 1995. There are four members in the co-op including the manager, Charles Doucette. The co-op was formed to enable the community to open doors for job creation.

During the peak season, which is from May to September, it employs seven people. Potlotek First Nation has taken the initiative to revitalize oyster cultivation. An oyster plant was opened outside the community, and it soon earned it's reputation and gained markets from overseas and in North America.

The demand for the oysters was so great that the more oysters brought in the faster they were shipped out. This necessitated the hiring of more workers to keep up with the markets. There are six lease holders in the community with each one having five hectares. These lease holders help one another to maintain their individual leases. Oysters are also purchased from lease holders from approved sites in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The Apaqtukewaq Fisheries has opened doors to other fields of the fishing industry. The Co-op now manages the lobster, snow crab, and tuna fishing, etc.

The Co-op operates two fishing vessels named Shannon Brothers and Netuklimk. Shannon Brothers fishes for lobster in Glace Bay. These lobsters are sold directly to local buyers. Netuklimk fishes for snow crabs in Arichat and these are sold to local buyers. Captains are hired on from different areas, but the all Mi'kmaq crew is from the Potlotek First Nation.