The focus of Potlotek Recreation is to provide recreational activities to all members of our community. As well as promote healthy and active lifestyles within the community.

The recreation program is a year round program and includes the following:

After Hours:This utilizes the school gym after regular school hours from 4pm to 10pm Monday to Friday. The gym is accessible with nightly activities scheduled and time grouping for various age categories.

Water Safety:During the summer months Swimming Lessons and Water Safety are taught at our local beach. Lessons are for the Beginner thru to the Advanced levels, by a certified instructor. A life guard will be on hand throughout the summer. This is part of the Red Cross Water Safety Program.

Canoes & Kids:During the summer months, the community based canoe company works with the recreation program and provides the youth with a chance to learn the basics in paddling and boat safety. This is a great opportunity for the youth and partents to spend time together and learn more on the sport of paddling.

Tennis Lessons:A certified tennis instructor comes into the community and provides tennis lessons for youths eight years and over. The instructor is also available to adults for lessons. With a minimum group of eight persons. Instruction covers the basics of Tennis and the fundamentals of the game.

Baseball:This program is now in the works and will see the local minor league baseball program expanded to the community. This will give the youth the opportunity to take part in minor league play and learn more about the sport and team play. It will utilize the two ball fields in the community.

Kayaking:Interested members of the community are given the opportunity to experience the sport of kayaking and learn the basics involved. Instruction is given to individuals on a one on one basis and once basics are covered groups are taken out on the B'ras D'or Lakes for day trips. Again water safety is a major part of the lessons.

The Recreation program is constantly changing and expanding to add new activities for the community. Volunteers are always welcome to come and take part in any activity.

Recreation Coordinator - Rita Doucette
Phone: (902)535-3904
Fax: (902)535-3164