The Potlotek Volunteer Fire Dept. has approximately 14 active members. Constructed in 1998, the Fire Hall is home for the Department's two fire rescue vehicles.

- 1990 Ford One Tonne Pumper
- 2003 GMC Pumper/Tanker built by Fort Garry Fire Trucks

The Potlotek Volunteer Fire Dept was the 1st reserve in Nova Scotia to have a trained medical First Response Team.

Fire Chief:
Wayne Johnson
Assistant Fire Chief:
Sidney Francis

Phone: (902)535-2825


Primary Water Maintenance Technician:
Alex Marshall
Secondary Water Maintenance Technician:
Noel R. Doucette

Potlotek can now boast "clean, clear and safe water". In partnership with Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the Band has purchased the PCI Tubular Nanofiltration Plant from PCI Membrane systems of Milford, Ohio at a cost of $575,000.

Using state of the art filtration technology, the "Fyne" membrane plant uses a special material to filter out dissovled organic material from brown colored lake and river water. Unlike traditional treatment techniques, no chemicals are used to remove the organic material from the water being treated.

If this organic matter is not removed, it can react with chlorine to produce potentially harmful by-products called Trihalomethanes(THM's). Water treated by the "Fyne" process has THM levels well below the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. This specialist filter also holds back bacteria and viruses making the water even safer to drink.

Potlotek's water treatment plant will be able to operate for extended periods of time automatically. Maintenance staff can be confident that the plant is producing consistently safe and clean drinking water for the community.

A special computerized monitoring system continually logs performance of the plant and can alert the operator by telephone should any problem occur. A computer link will also allow authorized personnel to check on performance at any time.

When Potlotek decided to improve it's water system with the implementation of the Fyne Process, they had to upgrade their entire system. The overall project consisted of three parts.

The most obvious improvement to the system can be seen for miles. A huge white tower with Potlotek written across its tank sits atop a hill near the school road. This is the elevated water storage tank which has a capacity of 75,000 U.S. gallons. Included in this total capacity is approximately 50% fire protection volume.

It was also necessary to upgrade the water mains which included increasing small diameter water mains to six inches in diameter. In addition, 28 new fire hydrants were installed for a total of 35 throughout the community.

The final part was the physical expansion of the pump house to accomodate the new water treatment plant. The treatment plant was purchased directly by the Band from PCI Membrane Systems, Inc. In total $1,300,000 in water improvements have been completed this year.