Pow wow is a tribal gathering to renew social and spiritual ties. Great respect is shown to the drum at a gathering. Tobacco is offered to the spirits called by the drum and to the spirit of the drum itself. Songs to the beats of the drum have the power to unite people. There are festive dances, dances of war and conquest, honor and family. joy and mourning.

The community has a big role in the organization of a pow wow. There are strict rules. For example, liquor or drugs are not allowed in the pow wow grounds. There are security people working around the clock to make sure that rules casino online are followed. A sacred fire is lit at the beginning of the pow wow and is not permitted to go out until the pow wow is over. Firekeepers take turns watching the fire to make sure it doesn't go out. Some communities provide booths, tents or canopies for the sellers.

It is the community's responsibility to provide breakfast and an evening feast every evening of the pow wow. A give-away is held at the end of the pow wow. The first pow wow in Chapel Island was held in 1993. It was organized by George Marshall. It has been held annually ever since. It starts on the third Friday of July and ends the following Monday.